Microwave Repair

When your microwave is in need of repair, Electronic Hospital is your first line of defense to get your microwave working again. Many of our customers use their microwaves on a daily basis — some even multiple times a day — so it’s important to us to provide timely microwave repair services that are cost-effective. We service all brands and models of microwaves, so do not hesitate to give us a call if you need help getting your microwave to work as you need it to.

Types of Microwave Repair

Microwave repairs are some of the most frequent things we do day-to-day. We are trained professionals that can easily get your microwave working properly. If you need to repair your microwave in any of the following ways, consider Electronic Hospital.

Microwave Does Not Heat Up Food
Few things are as disappointing as when you put your meal in the microwave and set the cook time, only to find it minutes later still cold! If your microwave does not heat up food, it is not performing it’s most important job. We can help you fix your microwave so that you can quickly heat up food when you’re on the go and need to eat hot food without using your stove or oven.

Microwave Turn-Table Will Not Turn
Our customers depend on their microwaves to heat food quickly and evenly. Most modern microwaves come with turn tables to cook food with more efficiency. They ensure that food is cooked all the way through in an even fashion. When your microwave turn-table will not turn, it’s time to get in touch with Electronic Hospital. We will get it back in action in no time.

Microwave Door Will Not Latch
One of the most common repairs we complete on a daily basis are fixing microwave doors that will not latch. Of course, it’s vital for the microwave door to latch to use the appliance – so this issue is one we take seriously. Let us know if you are having trouble getting your microwave door to latch so we can fix it for you.

Microwave is Sparking
It goes without saying that a sparking microwave is not what our customers want in their kitchens! Not only does it prevent them from cooking their food quickly, but it also creates a hazard that can cause many larger and more dangerous problems. Because of the dangerous nature of this issue, please do not attempt to solve this issue on your own. Let our trained professionals fix your sparking microwave so you do not have to purchase a new one!