Ovens & Range Repair

Your oven and range is the heart of your kitchen. It is the most commonly used appliance for preparing meals and when your oven or range does not work as you expect, it can really disrupt your day-to-day. We are here to ensure that we make oven and range repairs quickly and efficiently. We are trained professionals with nearly thirty years of experience in fixing ovens and ranges day in and day out.

Types of Oven and Range Repairs

Oven and range repairs are frequent things we do day-in and day-out. We are trained professionals that will get your oven or range working properly again. If you need to repair your oven or range in any of the following ways, consider Electronic Hospital.

Oven Bake or Broil Broken
A common problem is that the Bake or Broil options break on ovens. If you are unable to use bake or broil on your oven, call Electronic Hospital so we can repair it for you. This will be a much more affordable option than replacing your oven.

Oven Will Not Ignite
If your oven will not ignite, Electronic Hospital can solve your problem. This is one of the most popular things we fix on ovens. We will get your oven to ignite again in no time.

Oven Temperature Does Not Match Setting
It can be very frustrating to cook a meal when your oven temperature does not match the setting. Either food gets burned because the oven gets too hot, or your food is not ready in the time you expect it to be. We can help you fix your oven so the temperature matches your settings, and your food will be cooked to perfection.

Oven Takes Too Long to Get Hot
If your oven is taking too long to get hot, call Electronic Hospital. This problem can waste precious time and keep you from getting dinner on the table efficiently. Let us know if we can help you fix your oven so that it gets hot faster.

Range Flame Too High
It can be tricky to cook on a range with a flame that is too high. Let us help you get your range’s flame under control.

Range Has Clicking Noise
Click, click, click. This is a sound many of us have heard coming from our ranges. Electronic Hospital’s professionally trained staff can help you fix the clicking noise coming from your range in no time.