Washers & Dryer Repair

washer-and-dryer-repair-williston-vt-electronic-hospital-imageDon’t let a broken washer or dryer get you down. We can repair yours today and save you the cost and headache of buying new appliances. Washers and dryers save us valuable time and efficiency, so we know it’s important to get your washer or dryer repaired quickly. We service all brands and models of washers and dryers, so do not hesitate to give us a call to get your fixed!

Types of Washing Machine Repair

Washing machine repairs are some of the most frequent things we do day-to-day. We are trained professionals that can help you fix your broken washer. If you need to repair your washer in any of the following ways, consider Electronic Hospital.

Washing Machine Vibrating or Very Loud
If you find that your washing machine is vibrating too much, give us a call. When a washer vibrates too much, it can cause more damage to the appliance over time. It can also be very noisy and unpleasant. We want to help you keep your washer in great condition, so let us help you get your washer’s vibrations and noise under control.

Washing Machine Will Not Drain or Spin
If you have a washing machine that will not drain or spin, contact Electronic Hospital. When the washer does not drain or spin appropriately, it makes it extremely difficult to get clothes clean and can be very frustrating! We want to be sure you can clean your clothes effortlessly, so call us to fix your washing machine that will not drain or spin.

Washing Machine Door Will Not Latch
When your washing machine door will not latch, Electronical Hospital can help. This is a common problem that we solve on a daily basis. We can fix your washing machine door so that it will latch tightly, allowing you to start your cycle and prevent any leaks.

Washing Machine Leaking
Many of us have experienced leaking washing machines, which can damage our floors and create a mess that is a pain to clean. Electronic Hospital will fix your leaking washing machine and save you time, energy, and money!

Types of Dryer Repair

Just like washers, Electronic Hospital is skilled in fixing dryers that need repair. Get in touch so we can help you get your dryer working again.

Dryer Has No Heat
It’s difficult for a dryer to do its job when it will not heat up. If your dryer has no heat, contact us so we can fix it for you. Our trained professionals can get your dryer heating up again in no time.

Dryer Won’t Turn
If your dryer won’t turn, this can prevent your clothes from drying in a timely fashion. It also means your clothes will not dry evenly, because they will lay in a wet heap! Let us fix your dryer that won’t turn so you can dry your clothes efficiently.

Dryer Has Burning Smell
What’s that smell? If your dryer has a burning smell, call Electronic Hospital. This is an important repair to get taken care of quickly, as this could pose a potential fire hazard. Don’t worry though, we can help you repair a dryer with a burning smell so you do not need to buy a new appliance.

Dryer is Dead or Has No Power
When you want to use your dryer, but find it may be dead or has no power, let us know. Electronic Hospital can help you fix your dryer that has no power, so you can use it again!